Things to do

There are many things to do around Cabarete. Here are the most visited places:

National park el Choco & Caves of Cabarete

El Choco national park covers 48 square miles (77.5 sq. kms) and comprises 23 percent of the country’s total land area. A protected area, it is easily reached and the main entrance is a mere 15 minute walk from Cabarete center. Here you will find lush pasture, jungles and a large lagoon, where a whole eco-system of Dominican flora and fauna thrive. Besides the rich variety of tree and plant life, various exotic birds live here, including the tiny Verlaine Hummingbird – the second smallest in the world. The park also boasts several hills that have been forced up from the depths of the ocean over the millennia, and are composed of ancient, weather worn coral reefs.

Most people visit to see the famous caves thar hide freshwater subterranean springs and pools that are large enough to swim in. Another attraction are the mysterious Taine Petroglyphs that were carved into the cave walls by the inhabitants of the islands thousands of years ago.

Part of the wonder of this tour is the opportunity to hike with us along unmarked trails, delving deep into the lush forest before heading into the welcoming cool of the caves to swim in the large natural pools. We’ll also show you first-hand the methods by which the local people collect the fruit of the palm trees, and you’ll also get the opportunity to taste their wonderful coconut milk.

The park is located only few minutes walk from Cabarete Surf Camp. The entrance costs 500 Pesos/ person.

27 Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua

These towering columns of constantly tumbling water are one of Mother Nature’s most awe inspiring sites. In the hills of the Northern Corridor Mountains, this natural phenomenon has etched deep pools out of the soft limestone rocks.

One and a half hours away from Cabarete, these amazing series of waterfalls show the tremendous power and beauty of the nature of our planet. The 27 waterfalls have been designated a natural monument.

Even better, the government has dedicated a program that not only preserves the park for future generations to enjoy, but also to financially benefit the local community. So for every visitor to the park, the local community fund receives $1 USD towards improving the local infrastructure.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Sosua

10 minutes from Cabarete Surf Camp is the town and warm waters of Sousa, a location that is one of the premium places to dive and snorkel off the north coast. With water temperatures ranging 26 – 29 degrees, there’s no need to be worries about feeling chilly, and there are plenty of options to either scuba dive or snorkel amongst the wildlife. Home to some beautiful coral reefs, not to mention the myriad of colorful fish that feed, live and breed here, you can don a mask, snorkel and fins to join with them – at least for a while. Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors and ingenuity of movement that Mother Nature has created in her underwater kingdom.

From Sousa it’s possible to visit some exceptional snorkeling and diving locations. For example, 20 minutes boat ride will bring you to the advanced dive site of Airport Wall. Considered one of the premium dive sites of the area, you can descend to depths of 24 meters, where an 18 meter coral wall is punctured by a maze of tunnels that house lobster, elkhorn coral and schools of tropical fish.

The West Wall (maximum depth 30 meters) and Coral Gardens (max depth 18 meters) are both places you can swim amongst angel fish and sea urchins, as well as the chance to view a plethora of multi-colored corals.

For those who enjoy wreck diving, the Zingara wreck is a 148 foot cargo ship lying on the sea bed. This 36 meter deep dive is a place you might get to spot moray eels, along with a reef wall close by boasting a variety of corals, sponges and other underwater treasures.

We recommend you to use divecenter “Merlin”. We work with them many years and can help you to arrange you trips.

Horseback riding. Beach and mountains

Another extremely eco-friendly way to explore the surrounding area is on horseback. We can point you in the direction of reputable ranch who will take you on a horse trek that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

From beach rides to mountain adventures, this is probably one of the most ecologically friendly ways of travel – not to mention enjoyable. Galloping across a sun soaked beach with the spray of the surf flying up from your mount’s hooves – it really is the stuff dreams are made of!

Lake Dudu & Blue lagoon, Cabrera

These freshwater phenomenons have been voted the number one natural attraction on the north shore of the Dominican Republic.

A one and a half hour drive from Cabarete Eco Hostel, these incredibly clear lagoons offer the most amazing swimming experience. The crater shaped Lake Dudu also offers the chance to enjoy cave scuba diving, and even if you don’t want to sink below the waterline, don’t miss the chance to see the spectacular shimmering blue colors of the Blue Lagoon.

Gri-Gri Lagoon, Rio San Juan: A nature lover’s paradise

This extraordinary eco-system is about 45 minutes from Cabarete Surf Camp. Gri-Gri is an emerald green, crystal clear fresh water lagoon that sparkles like precious jewels. This beautiful area is home to a huge variety of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna. Below the water tropical fish dart beneath the reefs, watched by the beady eyes of vultures that rest in the mangrove trees.

Keep an eye out for tree frogs as you enjoy a boat trip that winds beneath the many river channels that lie beneath the shady canopy of the mangrove forest. Your boat will pass beneath a natural stone arch to arrive at the unique El Caletón Beach. Here you can swim in the sparkling waters and rest awhile on the deserted sands. You’ll also get the chance to explore caves and swim in the crystal ocean waters of ‘La Piscina,’ a cove at the very edge of the lagoon.

Other popular tours, trips and activities:

Mountain biking, White water rafting, Canyoning, Yoga, Spanish lesson, Salsa, Bachata and Merenque and even more are available to book upon the arrival.

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