Kite School in Cabarete

Over the last two decades, Cabarete’s perfect wind and water conditions have made it become the kitesurfing capital of the Caribbean.

We have waves, flat water, strong wind and light wind; all conditions any kitesurfer could hope for.

The kite school is just a short walking distance from the surf camp and a few meters from the shore, overlooking the golden sand and crystal waters of Cabarete Bay. Blow up your kite, go100 meters downwind on the beach and you’ll be in the perfect spot to take off and fly away!

We offer the latest EH bow kites and boards for all levels of kitesurfing and all types of conditions. Our center is equipped with bathrooms where you can change, a place to hang your harness or other items at the end of the day, and a fresh water shower for rinsing off after your long work out on the water.

Good wind for kitesurfing starts around noon, ranging from 4-6 Beaufort and provides ideal conditions for all level kiters. The trade winds blow from the Northeast, bringing excellent side shore winds from the right.

An outside reef, approximately 800 meters from shore protects the bay, leaving the swell inside relatively flat. This flat water makes Cabarete the perfect place to learn how to kitesurf. When there is big swell, the reef and area outside of the reef provide waves of up to 3 meters in height; ideal conditions for the more experienced kitesurfers. With such a wide variety of wind and water on Cabarete Bay, kiters usually have a choice of conditions to choose from.

Our kiteboarding school is known for its high level of professional instruction and its open and friendly atmosphere. No matter what your level is, we can teach you and help you get out on the water as soon as possible!

f you are interested in taking lessons or have any other questions about kitesurfing, please send us an email

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